Karamtola Community Hospital (KCH) - A Christian Hospital at Community Level in Bangladesh God Cures, We Care

Karamtola Community Hospital (KCH) - A Christian Hospital at Community Level in Bangladesh God Cures, We Care

Karamtola Community Hospital(KCH)

Karamtola Community Hospital(KCH)

Our Objectives

The main objectives of Presbyterian Fellowship in Bangladesh (PFB) are

Medical Personnel training at hospital

  • Postgraduate Doctor’s training
  • Subdivided Nurse’s training (Midwife, Anesthetic, Operational)
  • Nursing college
  • Lab and X-ray technician training

Support other organizations and churches

Support for marginal people

    • Health Insurance
    • Group formation
    • Job Training
    • Treatment at lower price


Our Principles

The organization stands on well defined principles that include:

  • Human oriented, not project oriented
  • Self supported
  • Local oriented, not foreign oriented
  • Reproductive
  • Focus on marginal people
  • Cooperation with other organizations and churches

Our Collaboration

The Presbyterian Fellowship in Bangladesh (PFB) has a glorious history of being supported by international organizations like a) the Presbyterian Church of USA (PCUSA), b) Korean Overseas Medical Mission Society (KOMMS), c) Vision Care Centre, d) Heart to Heart Foundation and so on. Initially the international donors PCUSA and KOMMS both worked together as overseas partners. Nationally the prestigious Christian Denomination, the Church of Bangladesh (COB) has also been in this partnership. In addition PFB has collaboration with various hospitals, NGOs and Churches nationally.

Our Work Outline

Besides Karamtola Community Hospital (KCH) there are five on-going projects currently and a total of 148 staff members in the family of this organization. The staffs are mostly national; they represent expertise of various health and other disciplines. All staffs work together to bring about the positive holistic changes in totality for the communities.

The multi-focus work approaches of this organization are:

  • Karamtola Community Hospital (KCH)
  • Primary Health Care Project (PHCP)
  • Karamtola Eye Service Project (KESP)
  • Aviation Dhaka Consortium (ADC) Clinic
  • Peniel School
  • Karamtola Nursing School (KNS)

Our Priorities and Future Hopes

The organization undertakes programs as per the national priorities and to meet the goals of the 8th Five Year Plan of the government of Bangladesh. The programs also contribute largely to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), especially Goal no 3. Currently PFB it draws a lot of its support from South Korea too. The organization, however, looks forward to broadening its support base and working in wider fields of development and humanitarian services in future.


It further aims to build a mission hospital that will serve as a professional mission center and medical education institute in future. It aims in particular to establish a 50 bedded hospital in the next 5 years and a 100 bedded hospital in the next 10 years. Its objective is further to continue training medical personnel and help the ministry of local churches and missionaries directly and indirectly.

Our Legal Status

The Presbyterian Fellowship in Bangladesh (PFB) has been registered in 1982 with the NGO Affairs Bureau of People’s Republic of Bangladesh and its registration number is DSW/FDO/R-121.

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Karamtola Community Hospital (KCH)