Karamtola Community Hospital (KCH) - A Christian Hospital at Community Level in Bangladesh God Cures, We Care

Karamtola Community Hospital (KCH) - A Christian Hospital at Community Level in Bangladesh God Cures, We Care

Karamtola Community Hospital(KCH)

Karamtola Community Hospital(KCH)



Ultrasonogram is currently much needed and modernized diagnostic aid all over the world. And most patients prefer this as well. Considering this Karamtola Community Hospital recently developed the Sinology Unit adding modern colored dropper ultrasonogram machines. About 30-50 USG are done per day, including the pregnancy profile that helps gynecologists in diagnosis and treatment and supervisonal care for pregnant women. The price for such services is very reasonable in KCH.

Doctors engaged Sonography in KCH are

Dr. Nasrin Akter

MBBS(DU), CMU Advanced DMU, CCD(BIRDEM) Trained in TVS & Color Doppler Senior Medical Officer, Sonologist & Diabetologist, BMDC Reg. No: A-55178

Dr. Nurunnahar Jharna

MBBS, DMU Special Trained on TVS & Anomaly Scan, Color Doppler Medical Officer & Sinologist BMDC Reg. No : A-71242


With the most modernized diagnostic equipments, KCH laboratory is unique for undertaking all tests necessary for treatment of patients. It is the most helpful department for KCH doctors for making diagnosis for their patients. A pathologist is there to ensure continuous quality care. The lab technicians are trained and competent too. It handles more than 300 tests day and night including blood, urine and stool tests, hormone, microbiology, immunology, biochemical and other tests. The laboratory is also capable to handle blood transfusion required for patients day and night.

Dr. Paramananda Roy

MBBS, MCPS Consultant Pathology BMDC
Reg. A-25175

Mr Sumon Chandra Sarkar

Medical Technologist (Lab) & In-Charge of KCH Lab

Digital X-Ray and ECG

There are two machines supporting various digital X-rays in Karamtola Community Hospital. Hospital is capable to do X-rays as required by doctors for purpose of treatment of the patients. The X-Ray technicians are experienced and competent too. All X-rays are routinely sent to radiologists for reports.

Doctors and staff involved in KCH X-Ray and ECG services are:

Mr. Jayanto W. Rozario

Medical Technologist (X-Ray) & In-Charge of KCH X-Ray

Team members of KCH X-Ray

Staff engaged in ECG