Karamtola Community Hospital (KCH) - A Christian Hospital at Community Level in Bangladesh God Cures, We Care

Karamtola Community Hospital (KCH) - A Christian Hospital at Community Level in Bangladesh God Cures, We Care

Karamtola Community Hospital(KCH)

Karamtola Community Hospital(KCH)

Landmark Phases of Karamtola Community Hospital (KCH)

Born as a simple field project in November 1992, Karamtola Community Hospital (KCH) passed through some distinctive phases over the years, each phase bringing positive changes to the hospital.

Year 1992 - 1999 : Initial phase at Karamtola with field project.

  • The field project Community Health and Development Program-Karamtola (CHDP-K) kicked off
  • It had a referral clinic with community field activities in Pubail Union
  • The activities were all planned and executed with foreign support

Year 2000 - 2020 : Upgradation of referral clinic into a new dimension.

  • A full fledged general out patient department started
  • Modern diagnostic facilities were added along with in-patient department and OT services
  • Emphasis was attached on self-sustainability of the hospital

Year 2007 : Karamtola Junior Nursing Training School started

  • Poor girls mostly ethnic and from minority groups got opportunity with minimal training cost
  • Candidates started working in Karamtola Hospital after the training

Year 2010 : Karamtola Eye Service Project (KESP) started

  • Treatment facilities for eye problems in communities were added with KCH
  • Eye paramedical worker (MLOP) training started at Karamtola with support from Heart to Heart Foundation
  • Various eye surgeries were undertaken that included free cataract surgeries too

Year 2011 - 2019 : Emergence of community Hospital

  • Upgradation of existing hospital services to professional level continued
  • Patient friendly low fee structure also introduced
  • People started calling it Karamtola Christian Hospital

Year 2020 - 2021 : A time of black-out characterized by

  • COVID-19 pandemic
  • Suspension of clinical work in line with Bangladesh national security guidelines

Year 2022 - 2023 : Way forward with secondary level clinical services

  • The hospital was further customized to address greater communities’ needs so that the communities receive 24 hr services and also secondary level clinical services from KCH
  • Physical facilities were improved too to meet the desire and demand of the communities